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Are you struggling with finding a way to fix your water heater problem? Be it installation or repair of water heater, we could be your an answer to your dilemma. If your heater water has a leakage in it or is not doing its job of heating the water well enough, give us a call and we will at your doorstop in no time. We work round the clock – 24 hours a day. So, be confident and call us, we will be at your service at any time of the day.

Our highly skilled and competent professional staffs are well equipped with the knowledge, tools and technology to handle any problem of yours with regard to your water heater. We offer almost all types of water heating solution and apply the one that better suits your situation and budget.

Gas hot water heater solution: Heating natural gas obtained by Peripheral Gas or Liquid.

Electrical hot water heater solution: Heating obtained by electrical resistance.

Solar water heater solution: Solar collectors transform solar radiation into heat, heating the water inside the collector. The water is transported by a pump through the pipe to the reservoir, which keeps it warm. System consists of a battery of collector plates connected to a pump for circulating water.

Solar water heating for swimming pools: The controller identifies the temperature difference and drives the pump. The plates absorb heat from the sun and heat water.

Pool heating: Works by pumping principle of heat, removing heat from the air and transferring it to the pool. It can be used on cloudy days or low temperature.

Installation: We work with exclusive and modern heaters, developed with the latest technology to ensure quality, safety and performance in its operation. The installation is offered by a team of skilled and trained technical assistance that meets relevant standards to ensure proper installation, operation aiming at the safety, economy and comfort of our clients and adding refinement to its environment.

Maintenance: Our technicians are well trained to identify, diagnose and resolve the problem of your heater, from preventive maintenance to corrective, providing the normal operation of the equipment and maintaining its efficiency. It is necessary to take measures of cleanliness and drainage, thus ensuring long life of the machine.

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  • Toilet Repair

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